We’ve Done It!


We’ve done it.  We’ve launched our new mobile responsive website, newsletter, Facebook and Twitter accounts.  Thank you for being one of our 31 new Facebook ‘Likes’ and email newsletter subscribers this week.  Thank you Theresa L., Robin H., June S., Rayya C., Shazia P. and Jana D. for signing up this past week.  And congrats to Jana, our first subscriber to win a free gift just for subscribing. Thank you also to our 37 five star Yelp reviewers including Jenni C., Harrison A., Bob R., Elisa H., Jarrett B., Hayden L., Carl J., Quentin D., Rae R., Karen L., Kathy G., Erika H., and so many more.  To all of our existing and new customers, thank you for helping us grow SoLé Soups one warm bowl at a time.

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