Why Is Soup So Incredible?


Why Is Soup So Incredible?

At SoLé Soups, we are passionate about our soups. We are constantly experimenting with new seasonal recipes, and enjoy bringing soups to the residents of Agoura Hills. If you have not yet jumped on the “Soup Train,” it’s time to get on board! Soups are simply incredible for a number of reasons.

Can Soup Help You Lose Weight?

Have you tried every diet and weight loss plan possible, yet are still struggling to see results? Does it just seem impossible to shed stubborn body fat? There’s a tool that many have failed utilize, despite its simplicity. If you’re looking to lose weight, consider adding soups to your diet.

Add SoLé SoupS To Your Holiday Celebration

The holidays are a time for gatherings and celebration. For most, this involves copious amounts of delicious food and drinks. Whether you’re hosting a Christmas party or attending the office holiday party, bringing a soup or salad from SoLé Soups for everyone to share is sure to be a hit. Add SoLé Soups premium gourmet products to your Christmas and winter holiday celebrations this year.

Thank You so Much for the Nice Words

In just a few short months we have collected almost 100 new five star testimonials on Yelp alone. We love that you love our delicious SoLé SoupS, fresh-made salads, and fresh-frozen single serve entrees and we want to reward you for being a loyal customer. Please subscribe to our newsletter for special offers and the chance to win our monthly prize. Sign up now and we’ll notify you if you’ve won. Just our small way of thanking you. With a little luck you’ll join our other recent winners including Jana D., Eric T., Cathy R., Linda G. and more.

Origins of Tailgating

One of the great American traditions involves friends, food, and maybe some beer along the way leading up to the game. Tailgating has become a staple in our culture today, especially during football season. It’s a great excuse to show up hours before a game, eat

Origins of Chili

It is generally thought that the earliest versions of chili were made by the very poorest people. J. C. Clopper, the first American known to have remarked about San Antonio’s chili carne, wrote in 1926: “When they have to pay for their meat in the market, a very

Soups Can Spice Up Your Weekend Tailgates

Visiting SoLé SoupS, you’ll quickly find that we are interested in bringing the best soup variations to you. Not only do we serve delicious hot and cold soups, but we also serve amazing chilis and chowders. Our dishes can be brought to your next Raiders or Rams tailgate this fall, instantly making you the hit of the party. 

There’s More To SoLé SoupS Than Just Soup

SoLé SoupS is more than just a name. Although our family has been making and selling soups in the Western San Fernando and Greater Conejo Valleys since 2012, our roots, history, and passion for soups stretch back to Italy many years prior. We are passionate about our soups and take pride in delivering delicious, nutritious, and deeply-satisfying meals. But there’s more to the SoLé SoupS name than just soups. We have numerous other menu selections that we are excited for you to try.